Unified 38 – Edmonton

September 27, 2019


Map Unavailable

Date(s) - September 27, 2019

Venue: River Cree Resort and Casino in Enoch, Alberta
TV: Fite TV

Pro Fights:
185lbs- KB Bhullar (7-0) vs. Matt Dwyer (11-5)
***Middleweight Title Fight (Vacant)

205lbs- Graham Park (6-2) vs. Sheldon Doll (7-3)
***Light-Heavyweight Title Fight (Vacant)

265lbs- Christian Larsen (4-1) vs. Jared Kilkenny (13-11)
***Heavyweight Title Fight (Vacant)

225lbs- Grayson Wells (4-2) vs. Tyler King (12-8)
155lbs- Nick Hrabec (6-5) vs. Behrang Yousefi (8-7)
195lbs- Cam Dyck (1-1) vs. Leroy Noltcho (2-1)
145lbs- Matt Klute (1-0) vs. Marc Savoie (2-3)
155lbs- Cole Campbell (2-3) vs. Dave Pogson (3-6)
155lbs- Craig Shintani (8-3) vs. TBA
135lbs- Michael Hay (5-2) vs. TBA

Amateur Fights:
145lbs- Tyrell Giselbrecht (2-1) vs. Peter Janssen (4-4)
170lbs- Robert Kovacevic (1-2) vs. Konstantsin Zaitsau (0-0)
155lbs- Laine Foxton (1-1) vs. James Ricks (0-0)
125lbs- Mitch Wiles (0-2) vs. Lorin Motruk (0-0)
165lbs- Dillan Main (3-0) vs. TBA
135lbs- Harley King (2-2) vs. TBA
265lbs- Alex Lefsrud (0-0) vs. TBA


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