Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 1 – Grande Prairie, Alberta

March 30, 2013


Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 1 – Grande Prairie, Alberta

Map Unavailable

Date(s) - March 30, 2013

Location: TEC Center in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Current Fight Card:


Brad “Kama” Causey vs Brad “The Bone Saw” Cardinal @ 155
Marcus Hicks vs Waiting Conformation @ 205
Aaron Gallant vs Waiting Conformation @ 155
Spencer Jebb vs Paulo Azambuja @ 170
Layne McTaggart vs CJ Bagg @ 155
Simon Marini vs TBA later due to prior commitment. @ 185
Rick “The Ginger With Intent To Injure” Pfeifer vs Mike Glover @ 135
Craig Nellis vs Jarid Bussemakers @ 185
Conrad “The Aftershock” Krzysztan vs Wally Husk @ 155
*****Still working on 2 more pro fights to be announced later.*****


Will Robbins vs Lee Popp @ 155
Alex Yuen vs Samuel Franchi @ 125
Kyle Wilson vs Jackson Fontaine @ 155
Roberto Lopez vs Abel Burroughs @ 155
Bob Drury vs Jesse Nergard @ HW
Travis Hodges vs Will Stelfox @ 185
Randy Mahon vs Waiting Conformation @ 155
Kyle Francotti vs Phil Towler @ 205


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